Be Ethical Campaign

Ending Gender Workforce Disparities is an Ethical Imperative 


Let's get the word out!

Conference organizers can order #BeEthical gear to give out at events and spread the word—keeping this important message “top of mind” for leaders and colleagues. This will also help to support disparities research for women in medicine and our patients.


We want healthcare to lead the way in workforce gender equality. If healthcare can do it, then other fields can, too!

Women account for the majority of the healthcare workforce; however, a large body of research demonstrates unaddressed or poorly addressed disparities. Our patients are losing out on having the strongest workforce possible—one that will advance research at the fastest possible rate and that will provide the highest level of clinical care.

The Be Ethical Campaign is a call to action for healthcare leaders to recognize that workforce gender equity is an ethical imperative and to take action to bring about change that will support our entire workforce and all of our patients.

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"With its unusually large proportion of highly educated and qualified women, medicine should be leading the way in gender equity. Leaders who have it within their power to address barriers to the advancement of women — and all underrepresented people — should behave ethically and resolve to act, expeditiously and with steadfastness.” 
Julie K. Silver, MD Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School; Spaulding Rehabilitation Network; Massachusetts General and Brigham and Women’s Hospital